The Orchid's Story

Orchid’s Boutique is a transplant!  Formerly Lilie’s Boutique at Heritage Garden Gallery, Orchid’s is the result of many loyal Lilie’s customers asking if I would continue the clothing boutique at a new location.  And so, we have!

After considering a host of different names for the new boutique, I landed on Orchid’s.  It seemed natural to keep a “flower” name considering our roots first as a garden centre.  Why an orchid? An orchid is both a classy and exotic flower with long-lasting blooms, and it is my hope that you will find both trendy and classic clothing at our new boutique, clothing that you will enjoy wearing over and over again.

My dreams for this new boutique? 

I wanted to create a place where women would receive the “full boutique experience” – unique clothing items, warm and personal customer service, the right music and the aroma of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. 

In preparation for this new venture, we took our best lines from Lilie’s and sought out other new and exciting labels (please view our “Gallery” to peruse our fashion lines). 

Personally, I have always enjoyed clothing! I have always believed that how we dress is a little window to our personality, a way to express ourselves.  One of my favourite fashion quotes is, “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” (Rachel Zoe). 

So, enjoy yourself, embrace your personality, have fun when you shop…and let your clothing express who you are!