Seasonal Showcase - Staff's Top 20

All three of us love clothing!  We decided to have a little fun and each select our favourite pieces from the boutique and have ourselves photographed in them.  And because clothing reflects a bit of each of our personalities, you’ll soon discover who likes more classic clothing, who’s taste in clothing leans toward the trendy and funky, who likes casual comfort ….and just maybe, we’re all a little bit “Jekyll and Hyde” – one moment classic, the next funky!

Scroll through our top picks for Spring/Summer 2019 below. 


Grace's Picks

Shani's Picks

Mary Jane's Picks

NOTE: Images shown are a sampling of the pieces purchased from this line for the current season. We are not able to guarantee that all items will be in stock at the boutique.  However, depending on supplier availability, we can place custom orders.